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Anytime Ice and Water of Texas is a direct distributor of the Kooler Ice Vending Machine line of products which are CHANGING THE WAY CUSTOMERS PURCHASE ICE AND WATER! The most compact and productive ice vending and water dispensing machines on the market, they automatically make, store and bag fresh ice 24 hours a day and vend 1 and 5 gals. of water at time.

The concept is simple. People buy ice where it is convenient. With their compact vending style design, the Kooler Ice Vending Machine can be located outside and is simple for customers to use. With the push of a button, the machine produces 1-10 lb. bag or 2-10 lbs. bags of fresh ice using filtered water. In addition, some models are also designed to dispense 1-gal. or 5-gals. of filtered water. Price is based on market conditions and can be adjusted as needed. There are no delivery trucks and your cost per bag of ice is as low as 25 cents!!

Because the ice is made on site, stored and dispensed “on demand” there is no waste of our earth’s valuable resources, no toxic emissions, no residual harmful waste products and most importantly, Kooler Ice is never exposed to human hands. The ice is freshly made and stored in a controlled environment until needed by customers.

The unit is designed to be used and maintained by anyone, regardless of their technical ability. The Kooler Ice Vending Machines are “smart” and will track sales automatically. With the option of a Wireless Modem attachment, the vending machines have the ability to notify the owner if it is out of ice or bags; a mechanical failure; or has bill validator problems. It also keeps the owner informed of how much ice is being sold. The machines store ice in bulk and, depending on the model, have the ability to vend over 300 bags in twenty-four hours depending on the model purchased.

The revolutionary product will provide entrepreneurs the ability to offer customers fresh ice and water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with little overhead and maintenance. Just think of being able to serve your customers…even when your store is closed! In owning and operating a Kooler Ice Vending Machine, it’s all about the return on investment and they offer an excellent return on your money.

“Fresh and Ready when you are,” the product line of Kooler Ice and Water Vending Machine is the future in point of sales packaged ice and water vending, and Anytime Ice & Water of Texas can help you get there today.

About Us

Authorized Distributor for Kooler ICE

Kooler Ice Machine

Anytime Ice & Water of Texas is proud to be the authorized distributor of Kooler Ice vending products in South Central Texas. Steve Fisher, owner of Anytime Ice & Water of Texas, owns and operates his own ice and water vending machines and strives to provide customers with an extraordinary product that will not only be profitable, but easy to maintain. “I believe we have a unique insight into a product line that is rapidly becoming the standard in point of sales packaged ice and water vending.” The mission of Anytime Ice & Water of Texas is to find investors who are interested in owning and operating Kooler Ice Vending Machines.

Great Customer Support

Our mission is to support you, the business owner. Anytime Ice & Water is extremely proud of their customer service and support. We understand your needs and concerns as an ice and water vending business owner. We’re excited about the company’s future in South Central Texas.

Affordable Ice Manufacturing

The concept of a truly compact, affordable ice manufacturing and water vending machine is the brain child of Kooler Ice, Inc. and they are changing the way consumers buy their packaged ice and water. The Kooler Ice model 810 was the first compact, fully-automated, affordable ice and water vending machine brought to the market, followed by the even more compact, Kooler Ice model 510. Both models can be easily permitted and placed outside of convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware/farm stores, RV parks, car washes or any location where ice and water can be sold. And, due to the fact they can be easily re-located, they are an excellent consideration for large event venues.

Open 24 Hours a Day

The easy to use Kooler Ice vending machine will disperse a 10 lb. bag of ice in less than 12 seconds. This revolutionary machine allows entrepreneurs and business owners to offer customers fresh bagged ice 24 hours a day, while increasing their packaged ice profits! In addition, the Kooler Ice vending machines are very affordable, with the base unit priced less than half the price of other ice vending machines that cost well over $100,000 before start-up, which can be $15,000 to $20,000! We offer a product that is under $50,000 with relatively small start-up costs.

Just think; your business can provide ice and water to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a fair & competitive price through the Kooler Ice, Inc manufactured ice and water machines…..even when your business is closed!